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Write emails faster with an AI assistant for personalized style & tone.
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What is Addy AI?

Addy AI offers customer service AI solutions tailored for retail and eCommerce brands. It aims to streamline and automate various tasks within these industries, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Additionally, Addy AI has a separate mission focused on transforming healthcare back office workflows by leveraging AI technology and domain expertise to develop AI bots that simplify manual processes in medical clinics.



⚡Top 5 Addy AI Features:

  1. AI-Powered Email Management: An AI-powered email assistant that helps users compose, reply to, and follow up on their emails instantly, saving time and effort.
  2. Personalization: The platform can learn a user’s writing style and generate emails that sound like they were written by the user, ensuring a consistent brand voice.
  3. Summarization: Summarize long emails and threads, making it easier for users to quickly understand the main points without reading lengthy messages.
  4. Tone Selection: Users can choose from various tones (Friendly, Formal, Informal) when composing or replying to emails, allowing them to convey their intended message effectively.
  5. Integration: Addy AI integrates with popular email platforms such as Gmail and Outlook, making accessing its features within these platforms’ existing interfaces easy.



⚡Top 5 Addy AI Use Cases:

  1. Healthcare Automation: Addy AI’s intuitive AI engine can fit seamlessly into existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) workflows, helping healthcare professionals deliver high-quality patient care more efficiently.
  2. Retail and E-commerce Support: Addy AI provides customer service AI specifically designed for retail and e-commerce brands. It assists with handling customer queries and managing online interactions.
  3. Email Optimization: By leveraging AI technology, individuals and businesses can optimize their email management and communication, reducing the time spent on email tasks and improving overall productivity.
  4. Patient Referral Processing: Addy AI’s intelligent patient referral processing feature enables healthcare providers to streamline referring patients to other specialists or facilities, enhancing patient care coordination.
  5. Content Generation: The tool can be trained on a user’s website or PDF files to understand their business and generate personalized content, such as emails or reports, tailored to their needs.

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