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AI Background Changer

Create visuals with background removal & batch image features.
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AI Background Changer Features

Background Changer by ZMO.AI is an AI-powered tool that can replace a photo’s background with a realistic one that matches the lighting and angle of the original foreground. The tool also features a “Magic Remover” function that can remove unwanted objects, watermarks, or extra people from photos. Additionally, the Image Variation feature generates sets of similar images based on the uploaded photos, useful for creating different versions of the same content.

Top 5 Features:
AI-Powered Background Generator: This feature can generate realistic, studio-quality backgrounds that match the lighting and angle of the original foreground
Background Changer: It allows users to change a photo’s background to a more fitting or attractive one with just a click
Magic Remover: This Background changer can remove anything unwanted from a photo in seconds, such as watermarks, extra people, or other objects, making it ideal for photo cleanup and e-commerce needs
Image Variation: This AI tool generates sets of similar images based on uploaded photos, providing endless unique variations of the same content, useful for A/B testing and creating different versions of the same content
Free Access and Storage: Users get 30 bonus credits upon sign-up, and they can store up to 200 images for free in their history. Furthermore, the basic features of the tool can be used without logging in

Top 5 Use Cases:
Professional Photo Editing: By using AI-powered tools like the background generator and magic remover, professionals can create high-quality, studio-like images with ease.
Social Media Content Creation: Background Changer can help social media enthusiasts and influencers generate unique variations of their content, allowing them to keep their feeds fresh and engaging
eCommerce: Online retailers can use Background Changer to enhance product images by removing unwanted elements or changing the background, which can help to boost conversions
A/B Testing: With the image variation feature, marketers and designers can generate multiple versions of the same image for A/B testing to determine which version yields the best results
Community Gallery Access: Users can access a community gallery, which can provide inspiration and allow for interaction with other users.



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