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What is AI Bot?

AIBOT is a California-based company founded in 2022 with a mission to revolutionize mobility by creating AI-defined, software-driven, high-performance electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. Their goal is to disrupt the next generation of mobility, transforming the aviation industry to usher in the B2C era, making the freedom of flight an accessible reality anytime, anywhere for every household. The company is led by experienced professionals with backgrounds in various industries, including consumer electronics, automotive, eVTOL, aviation, aerospace, and robotics. AIBOT aims to create an AI-defined, software-driven, ultra-high tech, hyper-performing, electric, internet-connected, and autonomous aiEVTOL aircraft and ecosystem.



⚡Top 5 AIBOT Features:

  1. AI-defined: AIBOT’s aircraft are designed using artificial intelligence, allowing for optimal performance and efficiency.
  2. Software-driven: The aircraft rely heavily on software, enabling advanced capabilities and automation.
  3. High-tech: AIBOT incorporates cutting-edge technologies to enhance the flying experience.
  4. Electric: The aircraft are powered by electricity, reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability.
  5. Internet-connected: AIBOT’s aircraft are connected to the internet, providing real-time data and communication capabilities.



⚡Top 5 AIBOT Use Cases:

  1. Regional Transportation Solutions: AIBOT aims to provide efficient and effective transportation solutions for short to medium-distance travel.
  2. Electric Aircraft: The company is developing electric aircraft that can take off and land vertically, reducing congestion and carbon emissions.
  3. Autonomous Systems: AIBOT’s autonomous systems are designed to operate safely and efficiently in the airspace.
  4. Regulatory Compliance: The company is working closely with regulatory authorities to ensure their autonomous systems meet safety requirements.
  5. Commercial Partnerships: AIBOT has signed agreements with companies like Honeywell to develop and supply flight control systems.

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