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What is AI Suggests?

AI Suggests is a platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to assist content creators in generating fresh and unique content. It offers various templates, including those for social media, SEO optimization, and marketing campaigns. The platform is free to use, but users can purchase credits to unlock additional features. It aims to help content creators overcome writer’s block and maintain a steady flow of content for their audiences across different platforms.



⚡Top 5 AI Suggests Features:

  1. Unlimited Content Generation: AI Suggests allows content creators to generate unlimited content for various needs, including social media posts, blog content, and marketing materials.
  2. SEO Assistance: The platform generates SEO-friendly headlines, titles, meta descriptions, and keywords to enhance the visibility of your online content.
  3. Marketing Campaign Support: AI Suggests assists in creating or improving marketing campaigns and ad copies, providing intuitive help for marketers.
  4. No Subscription Required: Users can generate content without subscriptions, offering flexibility and control over their content creation process.
  5. Credits System: A credit-based system allows users to purchase additional templates and features to enhance their content generation experience.



⚡Top 5 AI Suggests Use Cases:

  1. Social Media Content Planning: AI Suggests helps users plan and create engaging social media posts for various platforms, ensuring a steady flow of content for their audience.
  2. Blog Post Ideas: The platform generates headlines, titles, meta descriptions, and keywords that cater to the needs of blog content, making it easier for creators to write SEO-friendly articles.
  3. Marketing Campaign Development: AI Suggests assists in creating or improving marketing campaigns by providing intuitive help and suggestions for ad copies and promotional materials.
  4. Content Generation for Multiple Platforms: Users can generate content for different online platforms, such as blogs, social media accounts, and websites, using the same tool.
  5. Efficient Content Creation: By automating the process of generating ideas and writing content, AI Suggests saves time and effort for content creators, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their work.

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