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What is AI Templates?

AITemplates AI is a platform founded by Hans and Dom that focuses on utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance various aspects of businesses. They offer two main services:

1. Adaptify SEO: This is an AI-powered search engine optimization (SEO) platform designed to help businesses improve their ranking on Google. It uses custom-trained AI for each site to create customer personas and business goals, along with automatic keyword clustering and prioritization.

2. Adaptify AI Chatbot: This is an AI-powered chatbot aimed at larger businesses. It can be trained on a company’s own data and integrated into their existing customer support systems, offering robust solutions for automating customer interactions.



⚡Top 5 Adaptify Features:

  1. Adaptify SEO: An AI-powered SEO platform designed to help businesses rank higher on Google.
  2. Adaptify AI Chatbot: A solution for larger businesses, trainable on their own data and integratable into their customer support system.
  3. Automated SEO Delivery: Offers custom training for each site, creating customer personas, business goals, and more parameters.
  4. Keyword Clustering and Prioritization: Enables automatic keyword clustering and prioritization for SEO strategy.
  5. Content Creation with Complete Control: Provides content that most human writers would struggle to create, with customized keyword potentials and search console integration.



⚡Top 5 Adaptify Use Cases:

  1. Automated PR Link Building: Offers high-quality PR link building on autopilot, pitching to hundreds of journalists each month to get your sites featured in top publications.
  2. Strategy Help for Customers: Builds topical authority for customers with a weekly updated SEO strategy tailored to each site, fully automated.
  3. Customized Keyword Potentials: Avoids keyword cannibalization by providing customized keyword potentials for each customer.
  4. SEO Performance Reporting: Integrates with Google Search Console for performance reporting.
  5. Multi-stage Article Writing Process: Enables content creation where you are in control, with a multi-stage article writing process that ensures high-quality AI content without manual review.

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