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What is AI Writer?

AI Writer is an advanced platform that offers high-quality, AI-generated content with a focus on SEO and verifiable citations. It also provides features like research assistance, text rewording, and (sub)topic discovery to aid in content creation. With a simple 3-step workflow and flexible pricing plans, the platform is praised by users for its capacity to produce unique and informative articles.



⚡ Top 5 AI Writer Features:

  1. Verifiable Citations: This feature ensures the content’s credibility by providing an auditable trail of sources, which can help in building trust and getting more referrals
  2. SEO-Focused Text Editor: The platform includes a free SEO Editor with every subscription. This editor provides a significant ranking advantage and allows users to publish directly to WordPress
  3. Text Rewording: AI Writer offers a rewording feature that allows users to rewrite text on any topic without worrying about duplicate content penalties, enabling them to focus on high-ROI work
  4. (Sub)Topic Discoverer: This tool generates endless streams of topics, including first and second-level subtopics. It comes free with every subscription and aids in the creative process
  5. 3-Step-Wizard Workflow: AI Writer simplifies the process of creating content. Users can choose keywords, edit subtopics, and get word counts right, leading to well-researched and referenced articles



⚡ Top 5 AI Writer Use Cases:

  1. Content Creation: AI Writer can write full articles, helping bloggers, marketers, and businesses create high-quality content quickly and cost-effectively
  2. SEO Optimization: The SEO-Focused Text Editor enables users to write SEO-optimized content, which can improve search engine rankings and increase website traffic
  3. Academic Writing & Research: With Verifiable Citations, students and researchers can generate well-referenced papers and reports, ensuring the credibility of their work
  4. Content Repurposing: The Text Rewording feature allows users to rewrite existing content on any topic, avoiding duplicate content penalties and making the most out of their existing content
  5. Topic Discovery: With the (Sub)Topic Discoverer, content creators can easily find new topics and subtopics for their articles, aiding in brainstorming and planning content strategies

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