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What is Airtest?

Airtest is a cross-platform UI automation framework designed for games and apps. It utilizes image recognition technology to locate UI elements, allowing users to automate games and apps without injecting any code. The platform offers scalability, enabling the execution of tests on large device farms and generating comprehensive HTML reports with detailed information and screen recordings to help identify issues. Additionally, AirtestIDE is an out-of-the-box GUI tool that simplifies the creation and running of test cases. Various platforms are supported, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Unity, and can be installed using pip. The framework includes features like simulated input, assertion, and platform-independent APIs, making it suitable for automating games and apps across multiple devices and platforms.



⚡Top 5 Airtest Features:

  1. Cross-platform UI automation: Perform automatic testing on Windows, Android, and iOS platforms.
  2. Integration with Poco framework: Integrate with the Poco framework for automation testing on various platforms.
  3. AirtestIDE: A cross-platform UI automation testing editor with built-in plugins for Airtest and Poco, allowing users to write scripts quickly.
  4. Mobile Cluster Solution – DeviceFarm: An automated testing cluster solution launched by NetEase, which includes device cluster construction, batch maintenance and management of cluster devices, monitoring alarms, and cloud-based real devices.
  5. Airlab cloud-based test lab: Supports functions such as case management, script management, task scheduling, cloud-based reporting, and more, helping build the entire automated testing process for enterprises and supporting regression testing and compatibility.



⚡Top 5 Airtest Use Cases:

  1. Game Testing: With image recognition and UI hierarchy, it can support game testing across all game engines and apps.
  2. Android Native Apps: The tool can play a significant role in Android native app testing, providing plug-and-play functionality.
  3. Windows Applications: Supporting Windows applications allows users to write and run one code across different platforms.
  4. iOS Support: Access iOS native elements and find out their location and attributes, making iOS testing easy and convenient.
  5. Selenium Plugin: Based on Chrome Devtools Protocol, Airtest can record and generate Selenium scripts, accurately access web elements.

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