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Design mobile app templates with insights and auto-reports.
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What is Alta AI?

Alta AI provides a platform for designing and building mobile apps using AI technology. Users can generate AI text and images, receive real-time insights, and create auto-generated reports for successful campaigns. Additionally, Alta offers customer analysis to gain a comprehensive understanding of subscriber preferences and enhance customer engagement. With Alta, users can instantly build and customize mobile apps, eliminating the need to juggle multiple tools for drafting, scheduling, and sending emails. Premium features include data collection, integration with Airtable, dedicated support, and publishing on iOS and Android platforms.



⚡Top 5 Alta AI Features:

  1. Free AI Template Maker: Instantly build a mobile app with Alta’s AI template generator, customize it and share it
  2. Real-Time Insights: Get accurate insights on your performance with auto-generated reports that help create successful campaigns
  3. Customer Analysis: Get a complete view of subscriber preferences and get high quality customer engagement
  4. Integration Capabilities: Collect data and integrate with Airtable
  5. Premium Features: Share your mobile web app for free. Upgrade to add data, get dedicated support, upload videos, and launch iOS and Android apps



⚡Top 5 Alta AI Use Cases:

  1. Real Estate App: Develop a real estate app for coffee lovers in Seattle
  2. Design Style Quiz: Create a quiz app for homeowners to determine their design style
  3. History Quiz: Build a quiz app for European history students
  4. Email Marketing: Draft, schedule and send mails with a single software
  5. Mobile App Development: Access premium features to enhance your mobile app development experience

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