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Develop apps faster & securely with code suggestions & security scans.
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Amazon CodeWhisperer Features

Amazon CodeWhisperer is an AI coding companion that helps developers build applications faster and more securely. It offers features such as code suggestions, reference tracking and security scans to accelerate software development, all tailored to the user’s coding environment.

Top 5 Features:
– Code Suggestions: Automatically generates code snippets or full functions in real time based on comments and existing code.
– Reference Tracking: Flags or filters code suggestions that look like open source training data and provides the related project’s repository URL and license for easy review.
– Security Scans: Scans your code to detect hard to find vulnerabilities and provides code suggestions to remediate them.
– 15 Programming Languages: Including Python, Java, JavaScript and more.
– Compatible with IDEs: Including VS Code IntelliJ IDEA, AWS Cloud9, AWS Lambda console, JupyterLab and Amazon SageMaker Studio.

Top 5 Use Cases:
– Developer Onboarding: Speed up the process of acquiring new developers by providing AI-based coding assistance.
– Writing Boilerplate Code: Generate code snippets quickly to get projects off the ground and sped up coding.
– Using Unfamiliar Languages: Get up to speed with unfamiliar coding languages by benefiting from CodeWhisperer’s code generation capabilities.
– Detecting Security Vulnerabilities: Scan code to detect hard to find vulnerabilities and reduce risk.
– Improving Developer Productivity: Increase developer productivity and ensue software is correctly written faster.


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