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Analyze public profiles and hashtags for powerful social media insights.
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What is Analisa IO?

Analisa IO is a powerful AI-driven analytics platform specializing in Instagram and TikTok data insights. The platform provides a broad spectrum of analytics, including campaign reporting, follower demographics, content analysis, and influencer mapping. It is utilized across multiple industries such as direct-to-consumer brands, small-to-medium businesses, marketing agencies, e-commerce firms, tech companies, and educational institutions.



⚡ Top 5 Analisa IO Features:

  1. Follower Demographics & Authenticity: Analisa provides insights into the demographics of an Instagram profile’s followers, such as their age, gender, and location. It also assesses follower authenticity to help detect and minimize fraudulent activity
  2. Comprehensive Campaign Reporting: The platform offers detailed campaign reporting for Instagram and TikTok profiles and hashtags. Users can export these reports in formats like PDF or CSV
  3. Access to Historical Data: Analisa provides access to historical data of posts, enabling users to gain insights from customized date ranges
  4. Content and Influencer Optimization: The platform helps users discover engaging content and influencers through real-time analytics of top posts, captions, hashtags, and optimal posting times
  5. Profile and Competitor Analysis: Users can analyze their own or competitor’s social activity and performance on Instagram or TikTok, comparing profiles and hashtags for a thorough understanding of their market position



⚡ Top 5 Analisa IO Use Cases:

  1. Competitor Benchmarking: Businesses can use Analisa IO to compare their social media performance against competitors. They can identify successful strategies used by competitors and adapt them to improve their online presence
  2. Audience Understanding: By analyzing follower demographics and authenticity, businesses can better understand their target audience. This can help in creating content that resonates with the audience, enhancing engagement levels
  3. Campaign Evaluation: Analisa’s campaign reporting feature allows businesses to assess the effectiveness of their social media campaigns. By reviewing these reports, they can identify what worked well and areas that need improvement
  4. Trend Analysis: Businesses can track trends and patterns over time using historical data analytics. This insight helps in making informed decisions about future content and marketing strategies
  5. Influencer Marketing Strategy: By providing analytics on top posts, captions, hashtags, and optimal posting times, Analisa assists businesses in identifying potential influencers for collaboration and optimizing their influencer marketing strategy

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