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Create appealing marketing visuals quickly for various media.
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Assembo AI Features

Viral Marketing Photos in minutes is a website that helps users to create high quality marketing images in as little as one minute. It offers features such as uploading images of products for platforms like Amazon, Shopify, Wayfair or Etsy, as well as the ability to create premium lifestyle photos for social media with AI generated human or pet models.

Top 5 Features:
– Upload product images for ecommerce platforms
– Generate premium lifestyle photos with AI models
– Specialized AI models for drink, speaker and toy scenarios
– High quality images produced quickly
– Option to order only two premium photos for a discounted price

Top 5 Use Cases:
– Creating high quality product images for ecommerce platforms
– Generating lifestyle photos to increase social media engagement
– Use AI models to create professional menu pictures
– Promoting products with images in the best scenarios
– Designing unique images to showcase a brand’s essence


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