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What is Atomic?

AtomicLife.app is an AI scheduler designed to streamline team schedules by managing recurring 1:1s and ad hoc team meetings. It considers every attendee’s calendar to ensure conflict-free scheduling based on user priorities and time preferences. The platform uses semantic search to apply templates to new task events and allows users to experiment with different event formats. Additionally, Atomic integrates with ChatGPT to assist with tasks, meetings, and breaks on calendars, as well as automating meeting requests and time preferences.



⚡Top 5 Atomic Features:

  1. AI Scheduler: Effortlessly streamlines team schedules, taking attendees’ calendars into account and creating conflict-free schedules based on priorities and time preferences.
  2. Semantic Search: Applies templates to new task events using ‘title:description’ or ‘title’ format for internal searches.
  3. ChatGPT Integration: Enables users to communicate with Atomic through ChatGPT for setting up meetings, allocating time blocks, scheduling events, and locating openings.
  4. Time Block Management: Allows users to allocate time blocks to individual project tasks, integrating them into the project’s timeline effectively.
  5. Autopilot Mode: Intelligently manages daily schedules by sharing time preferences and priorities, rearranging tasks in case of time conflicts.



⚡Top 5 Atomic Use Cases:

  1. Team Schedule Optimization: Helps teams find the best times for one-on-one or group meetings, considering everyone’s top choices.
  2. Project Planning: Divides tasks into time blocks that fit the project timeline, allowing for efficient completion of projects.
  3. Customized Daily Schedules: Designs a day schedule tailored to individual needs and preferences, promoting productivity.
  4. Meeting Requests with Availability Sharing: Creates meeting request templates showing availability, automating responses and scheduling.
  5. Automated Break Intervals: Communicates desired break intervals to Atomic, which handles creation of new breaks as needed.

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