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Manage tasks, schedule meetings with Autopilot, Smart Search.
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Atomic Features

AtomicLife.app is an AI scheduler that simplifies the process of managing tasks and scheduling meetings for teams. It offers features such as Autopilot, Flexible Meetings, Respect Everyone’s Time, Create a Priority Managed Work-Life Balance and Smart Search. Top 5 Features:
-Autopilot – Activating and forgetting to let Atomic manage your calendar in the background.
-Flexible Meetings – Respecting every attendee’s calendar when scheduling new meetings
-Create a Priority – Managed work-life balance
-Smart Search – Using sematic search to apply templates to your new task events
-Smart Tagging – Automated tagging of events via machine learning

Top 5 Use Cases:
-Easily Schedule Meetings – Automate the process of scheduling meetings for teams
-Track Habits – Keep track of day-to-day tasks to stay organized
-Manage Breaks – Prioritize breaks to manage your work-life balance
-Simplify Task Assignments – Streamline the process of assigning team tasks
-Share Documents – Automate the process of creating and sharing documents with team members.


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