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Split sound recordings into parts, customize, access audio content.
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What is Audioshake?

AudioShake is a platform that utilizes AI to separate sound recordings into their component parts and stems, making audio interactive, customizable, and accessible. It is widely used across the music industry for various purposes such as mixing and mastering, localization and captioning, interactive audio experiences, sync licensing, lyric transcription, audio analysis, and fan engagement. AudioShake’s technology allows for the extraction of clean dialogue stems, which can significantly improve transcription accuracy rates, and it provides low-cost, automated lyric transcription for any song. The platform supports multiple file formats and is trusted by labels, apps, film studios, and artists.



⚡Top 5 AudioShake Features:

  1. Make Audio: Separates audio into a wide range of instrument stems and instrumentals for various applications like sync licensing, mixing, and interactive audio.
  2. Interactive: Powers interactive audio experiences across gaming, social media, fitness, and more, enabling songs to adapt in real-time based on user actions.
  3. Immersive: Creates immersive mixes such as Dolby Atmos and Sony 360, enhancing the listening experience for users.
  4. Editable: Offers tools to edit audio content, including removing copyrighted music, cleaning loud or noisy broadcasts, and separating speakers into different streams.
  5. Accessible: Provides low-cost, automated lyric transcription and word-by-word alignment of lyrics, making it easier to create lyric transcripts or lyric videos.



⚡Top 5 AudioShake Use Cases:

  1. Mixing & Mastering: Splits music into instrument stems for mastering and mixing, improving the overall sound quality of recordings.
  2. Localization & Captioning: Extracts clean dialogue stems to enhance transcription accuracy rates in transcription, captioning, and automatic dubbing while preserving original music and effects.
  3. Sync Licensing: Generates instrumentals quickly for sync pitches in advertising, trailers, and commercials.
  4. Lyric Transcription: Automatically creates lyric transcripts or lyric videos from original songs, providing a convenient solution for content creation.
  5. Audio Analysis: Helps clean audio before metadata analysis, sonic branding, and content recognition systems by separating voiceover or musical content.

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