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What is AutoQuery GPT?

AutoQueryGPT is a web application designed to assist users in asking questions and receiving automatic responses from ChatGPT. It provides two main features: Query Block and Query Excel. The Query Block feature enables users to create question blocks where they can input multiple questions at once, allowing for efficient handling of multiple queries simultaneously. The Query Excel feature allows users to upload Excel files or copy and paste Excel tables directly into the platform, enabling them to ask questions related to the data within those tables. Both features enable users to save the answers as various file formats such as Excel, Word, Text, or JSON, making it easier to access and manage their operations. Users must provide their own API key to interact with ChatGPT, which is securely stored and never shared without consent. All queries made through the system remain confidential and are not disclosed to third parties. Overall, AutoQueryGPT aims to streamline the process of utilizing ChatGPT for information retrieval and operation management.



⚡Top 5 AutoQueryGPT Features:

  1. API Key Usage: Users can utilize their own API keys to interact with ChatGPT and obtain responses.
  2. Query Blocks: This feature enables users to create question blocks where they can input multiple questions simultaneously.
  3. Query Excel: Users can import Excel files or copy and paste tables to ask questions to ChatGPT, facilitating quick access to extensive data.
  4. Answer Saving: Both features allow users to save answers as various file formats (Excel, Word, Txt, Json), enabling efficient management of responses.
  5. Confidentiality: The platform ensures that all queries remain private and are never disclosed.



⚡Top 5 AutoQueryGPT Use Cases:

  1. Data Analysis: Utilize Query Excel to analyze large datasets and gain insights by asking specific questions to ChatGPT.
  2. Efficiency Improvement: Save time by sending multiple questions to ChatGPT at once using Query Blocks.
  3. Project Management: Manage tasks and projects more effectively by saving and retrieving answers related to project details.
  4. Customer Service: Respond to customer inquiries promptly by utilizing ChatGPT’s knowledge base to generate accurate answers.
  5. Research Assistance: Conduct research more efficiently by posing complex questions to ChatGPT and receiving comprehensive answers.

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