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Avian ChatGPT Plugin

Analyze business data with secure, encrypted live queries.
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Avian ChatGPT Plugin Features

Avian.io provides a product called Avian ChatGPT Plugin which helps users interact with and analyze their business data from Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and more. The top 5 features of Avian ChatGPT Plugin are:
– Safe and encrypted data handling
– 5 minute setup with no data expertise needed
– Live data queries for privacy friendly insights
– Unlimited possibilities for data analysis
– Real time performance data

The top 5 use cases for Avian ChatGPT Plugin are:
– Analyzing current business data
– Comparing data from multiple sources
– Gaining insight with custom metrics and conversions
– Visualizing data within ChatGPT
– Exploring historical data with live queries.


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