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Personalized skincare routines & progress tracking with Skincare Coach.
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What is AweMyFace?

AweMyFace Skincare Coach app is designed to assist users in achieving clearer and healthier skin by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The app allows users to take photos of their face, which the AI analyzes to detect acne and determine the percentage of affected areas across different zones of the face. It also tracks actions related to food, sleep, sports, cycle, stress, and other factors that may impact skin health. Users can monitor daily, weekly, and monthly progress towards improving their skin condition, receive personalized recommendations based on their skin condition and routine, and set up reminders for skincare activities. The app operates offline, allowing users to track their progress even without internet connectivity, and ensures data security by storing all photos and information solely on the user’s device.



⚡Top 5 AweMyFace Features:

  1. Photo Analysis: Take a snapshot of your face and our AI will detect acne, showing the percentage of each affected area.
  2. Routine Tracking: Track your daily habits such as diet, sleep, exercise, stress levels etc.
  3. Progress Tracking: View daily, weekly, and monthly progress reports that highlight areas requiring attention
  4. Individual Recommendations: Receive guidance tailored for your unique skin condition and lifestyle
  5. Skincare Reminders: Set up personalised reminders for various skincare activities like cleansing, treatment application, and moisturizing



⚡Top 5 AweMyFace Use Cases:

  1. Personalized Skincare: Enjoy a personalized skincare experience with tracking, analytics, and advice tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle
  2. Acne Treatment: Leverage AI-powered photo analysis and comprehensive routine tracking to understand and combat acne effectively
  3. Skincare Education: Gain deeper understanding of your skin, its reactions to your habits, and effective measures to maintain skin health
  4. Offline Functionality: AweMyFace ensures its features are accessible offline, including acne tracking, daily quizzes, and progress updates
  5. Data Privacy and Security: All your photos and data are securely stored on your device, ensuring privacy and confidentiality

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