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Automate website actions with powerful bots and no-code integrations.
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Axiom AI Features

Axiom AI is a no-code browser automation tool that allows users to build custom bots and automate repetitive tasks on any website or web app. It operates as a Chrome extension, enabling actions like clicking and typing on websites, with the flexibility to run bots manually, on schedule, or integrated with Zapier for external triggers. Axiom emphasizes user privacy, ensuring all bot data processes remain within the user’s web browser, and does not store the results of your automations on their systems.

Top 5 Features:
Visual Web Scraping: Users can scrape data from websites visually, without needing any coding skills
Custom Bot Building: Build custom bots without any code, automating repetitive tasks on any website or web app
Integration with Zapier, Integromat, or Webhooks: Axiom AI can connect to these platforms, enabling a seamless flow of data and tasks across different applications
Automate Actions: Axiom AI enables automation of actions like clicking and typing on websites, streamlining processes and saving time
Scheduling and Triggering: Bots can be run manually, scheduled to run at specific times, or triggered from external events via integration with Zapier

Top 5 Use Cases:
Visual Web Scraping: Axiom AI can be used to scrape data from websites visually, making it easier to extract specific information
Data Entry Automation: Automate repetitive data entry tasks, saving time and reducing the risk of human error
Spreadsheet Automation: Automate tasks related to spreadsheets, such as data import/export or data manipulation
Website Automation: Axiom AI can automate various actions on websites, such as clicking buttons or filling out forms
Custom Bot Building: Users can build custom bots to perform specific tasks, without needing any coding skills. This can be particularly useful for businesses that have unique workflows or processes


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