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Auto-generate visuals, videos & PDFs via APIs for marketing scalability.
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What is Bannerbear?

Bannerbear is a service that provides an API for automated image and video generation, helping businesses auto-generate social media visuals, e-commerce banners, and more. It offers integrations with various platforms and supports Ruby, Node, and PHP libraries for adding image and video generation capabilities to applications. Users can start a free trial with 30 API credits and get support via email or chat.



⚡Top 5 Bannerbear Features:

  1. Automated Image and Video Generation: The tool offers an API for generating social media visuals, ecommerce banners, and more with integrations
  2. Create No code Automated Workflows: Users can automate repetitive marketing tasks in the background
  3. API Integration: Users can add image and video generation capability to their apps using a REST API or official libraries in Ruby, Node, and PHP
  4. Interactive Demos and Free Tools: Interactive demos and free tools help users understand the platform better
  5. Support Response Time: The company prides itself on providing quick support response times, even on weekends



⚡Top 5 Bannerbear Use Cases:

  1. Generate Images via API: Users can generate images automatically through its API
  2. Watermark Videos via API: Users can watermark videos using Bannerbear’s API
  3. Generate PDFs via API: Developers can use an API for generating PDFs
  4. Generate Images with Zapier: Users can integrate with Zapier to create automated workflows that generate images
  5. Generate PDFs with Zapier: The platform also supports generating PDFs through Zapier integration

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