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Maximize productivity with workspace for tasks, notes, calendars.
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What is BeforeSunset AI?

BeforeSunset AI is a daily planner that uses artificial intelligence to optimize schedules based on users’ to-do lists and existing commitments. It aims to improve productivity by helping individuals visualize tasks, converting to-dos into actionable items, suggesting subtasks, and analyzing performance for areas of improvement. The platform integrates with Google Calendar, Slack, and other tools, allowing users to manage their work and personal to-dos in one place. It also includes features such as team feed for real-time communication, member details for building connections, and analytics for project tracking and collaboration. Privacy is a priority, with options to differentiate between work and personal tasks and share only chosen information with team members.



⚡Top 5 BeforeSunset AI Features:

  1. AI Daily Planner: An intelligent system that creates a daily schedule based on your tasks and preferences.
  2. Task Suggestions: Recommends subtasks and converts your to-do list into actionable steps.
  3. Integration with Calendar: Syncs with your Google Calendar to consider existing commitments.
  4. Team Collaboration: Provides a Team Feed for real-time updates and progress sharing.
  5. Personalization: Learns from your data to offer tailored experiences and insights.



⚡Top 5 BeforeSunset AI Use Cases:

  1. Productivity Boost: Helps users manage their time efficiently and achieve more in less time.
  2. Work-Life Balance: Encourages taking breaks and maintaining a healthy work routine.
  3. Collaboration: Facilitates team communication and coordination through features like Team Feed.
  4. Customization: Adapts to individual preferences and work styles, making it suitable for various professions.
  5. Data Analysis: Offers insights into productivity patterns and suggests improvements.

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