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Bertha AI Features

Bertha AI is an AI-driven platform that combines the best of ChatGPT, Open AI, and Stable Diffusion into an easy-to-use interface for WordPress and Chrome. It is designed to help you craft engaging content quickly, generate images, and create product descriptions. With Bertha AI, you can save up to 90% of your time in content creation.

Top 5 Features:
1. Leverage the power of AI to generate website copy in minutes
2. Create mesmerizing images with AI image search and generation
3. Get converting product descriptions with tips and full text
4. Write blog posts in significantly less time than usual
5. Use Bertha AI for free, with pay-as-you-go options for images

Top 5 Use Cases:
1. Create engaging, converting website copy quickly
2. Craft compelling product descriptions
3. Generate ideas to write blog posts
4. Automate content generation for SEO improvement
5. Accelerate website creation with AI-generated texts and images.


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