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BetterLegal Assistant

Analyze contracts for key elements, fairness, potential impacts with AI
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What is BetterLegal Assistant?

BetterLegal Assistant is an AI-powered Chrome extension designed to translate complex legal language into simple, accessible terms, making it easier to understand contracts, terms of use, privacy policies, and other legal documents. It uses advanced AI technology to instantly simplify legal text, supports over 50 languages, and offers a user-friendly interface. The extension also includes a credit-based system, allowing users to earn more credits by completing tasks that promote sharing and engagement with the extension. Additionally, there is a unique Pirate Mode that adds fun and engagement to the legal text translation process.



⚡Top 5 BetterLegal Assistant Features:

  1. Unmask Legalese: Translate tricky legal jargon into clear, plain English
  2. Save Money on Attorney Fees: Utilize AI analysis to reduce costs
  3. Take Command of Legal World: Access insights directly from your browser
  4. Pirate Mode: Enjoy a fun, engaging experience while simplifying legal language
  5. Credit-Based System: Earn credits through tasks promoting sharing and engagement



⚡Top 5 BetterLegal Assistant Use Cases:

  1. Understanding Contracts: Simplify complex legal language for better comprehension
  2. Terms of Service: Make sense of lengthy agreements with ease
  3. Apartment Lease: Decode rental agreements without confusion
  4. Proposed Bills: Analyze legislative proposals in plain English
  5. Statutory Language: Assist attorneys in interpreting legal terminology

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