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BetterLegal Assistant

Analyze contracts for key elements, fairness, potential impacts with AI
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BetterLegal Assistant Features

BetterLegal Assistant is a website that provides users with AI powered contract analysis. It offers an easy-to-understand and affordable way to decipher contracts, helping users identify the key elements, assess fairness, understand potential negative impacts and negotiate more effectively.

Top 5 Features:
– Extracts the key elements from contracts
– Determines the legality of the contracts
– Assesses the fairness of the clauses
– Identifies any potential negative impacts
– Offers practical adjustments to benefit users

Top 5 Use Cases:
– Freelance Graphic Designer – discover copyright protection and negotiate better terms
– Small Business Owner – identify termination clauses and penalty fees
– Independent Consultant – gain insights into contractual balance and terms
– Tech Startup Founder – gain an understanding of key investor terms and equity
– Legal Translation – understand legal jargon and use pirate mode for easier understanding


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