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Secure, anonymous surveys & forms with team collaboration & analytics.
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What is Block Survey?

BlockSurvey is a private, secure, and anonymous survey tool that provides end-to-end encryption for data protection. It uses AI to generate surveys quickly without requiring programming skills and offers token gating for Web3 companies to control access to forms and surveys based on token holder status. BlockSurvey also emphasizes ethical data management and user privacy, ensuring no ads, trackers, or cookies are present. Additionally, it supports team collaboration, email auto-responders, integrations with popular platforms, skip logic, built-in analytics, and translations into multiple languages. The platform aims to meet industry-leading standards for security, including HIPAA and SOC2, and offers a range of plans and pricing options.



⚡Top 5 BlockSurvey Features:

  1. End-to-end encryption: All forms and surveys are encrypted using third-generation web technology (web3) blockchain.
  2. Anonymity: Create anonymous surveys to maintain the privacy of your respondents.
  3. AI-generated surveys: Utilize AI to generate survey questions quickly and efficiently.
  4. Team collaboration: Work together in real-time to create forms and surveys.
  5. Integrations: Connect to over 500 apps using Webhooks, Zapier, Integromat, and direct notifications to Slack and Discord.



⚡Top 5 BlockSurvey Use Cases:

  1. Data protection: Ensure the safety of sensitive information by storing it in a decentralized private storage accessible only by the owner.
  2. Privacy preservation: Eliminate concerns about respondents being exposed to ads, trackers, or other third-party scripts.
  3. Market research: Uncover consumer insights and market trends using tools like Conjoint, MaxDiff, and BiPolar.
  4. Pricing research: Determine optimal pricing through advanced consumer behavior analysis tools.
  5. Web3 integration: Facilitate authentic, targeted, and decentralized feedback by integrating token-based access controls.

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