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What is Bloop AI?

Bloop AI is an AI-based platform designed to assist developers in modernizing, writing, and understanding legacy code. It specializes in converting COBOL code to Java, ensuring that the resulting code is both safe and readable. The platform offers several key benefits such as automatic code conversion, compatibility with open-source libraries and cloud primitives, continuous delivery, improved developer productivity through coding copilots, and offline operation. Additionally, it provides code navigation capabilities, natural language processing, multi-repository search, regular expression matching, diffing, and documentation library integration.



⚡Top 5 Bloop AI Features:

  1. Automatic Code Translation: Bloop AI converts legacy code, such as COBOL, into readable Java code.
  2. Safety Guaranteed: The AI test suite ensures that the translated code exhibits identical behavior to the original code.
  3. License Free: Modernized code utilizes open-source libraries and cloud primitives to optimize costs.
  4. Continuous Delivery: There’s no requirement for a code freeze during the conversion process, allowing projects to stay on track.
  5. Natural Language Search: Users can ask questions in natural language to navigate and understand their codebase.



⚡Top 5 Bloop AI Use Cases:

  1. Legacy Code Modernization: Teams can modernize their legacy code, making it more maintainable and adaptable to modern technologies.
  2. Improved Developer Productivity: Coding copilots have been shown to enhance developer productivity by 55%, enabling faster development.
  3. Offline Operation: The AI model operates offline, providing flexibility for developers who don’t always have internet connectivity.
  4. Multi-Repository Search: With multi-repo search, users can understand the relationships between different codebases and services.
  5. Customizable Documentation Libraries: Import a documentation library and let Bloop AI generate code for you, saving time and effort.

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