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What is Blubi AI?

Blubi AI is an AI-powered platform designed to assist content creators by providing them with suggestions for topics and ready-to-post content based on their social media activity. It aims to help creators focus on crafting their content rather than spending excessive time on generating prompts. Currently, the MVP supports Twitter, but plans include expanding to other platforms such as LinkedIn and Medium. Interested users can join the waitlist to be among the first to try out the service. Additionally, Blubi AI offers an AI-powered chatbot tool that allows content creators to showcase their content in an immersive and interactive manner, increasing engagement and making content more valuable.



⚡Top 5 blubi AI Features:

  1. Content Analysis: Analyzes how/what users write on social media and suggests topics with ready-to-post content.
  2. Writing Prompts: Helps creators focus on creating content rather than spending too much time on prompts.
  3. Interactive Content: Allows content creators to showcase their content in an immersive and interactive way.
  4. Custom Chatbot Design: Users can design a custom chatbot according to their brand.
  5. Social Media Sharing: Embed the chatbot anywhere and share on social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, etc.



⚡Top 5 blubi AI Use Cases:

  1. Engagement Boost: Increase engagement with interactive content by using the AI-powered chatbot tool.
  2. Brand Promotion: Design custom chatbots for brand promotion purposes.
  3. Content Showcasing: Share and embed chatbots on various platforms to showcase value in an immersive way.
  4. Efficient Content Creation: Helps creators focus on creating what stays for a lifetime instead of spending too much time on prompts.
  5. Data Analysis: Analyzes data to understand how content performs and improve accordingly.

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