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Build no-code chatbots to engage customers, collect leads.
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Bodt Features

The website Bodt.io allows users to build no-code AI chatbots from their website content. It helps to boost customer interaction with conversational chatbots, starting at $19.

Top 5 Features:
– Connect Website: Integrate a chatbot right into your website
– Proactive Engagement: Proactively recommend products and collect leads
– Enhanced Visibility: Provide specific information and visibility to content
– Conversational Knowledge Hub: Acts as a hub for all important information about your organization
– No Coding Necessary: Create a conversational chatbot in 3 easy steps

Top 5 Use Cases:
– Automated Customer Support: Give customers the help they need 24/7
– Product Recommendations: Recommend products to customers
– Feedback Collection: Collect customer feedback through AI chatbot
– Multi-language Support: Provide support in multiple languages
– Optimizing Operations: Craft strategies and pinpoint areas for improvement through insightful analytics.


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