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Generate professional product photos quickly with an intuitive platform.
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What is Booth AI?

Booth AI is a customizable AI solution designed to streamline various aspects of businesses, particularly those related to project management, marketing automation, and workplace tools. It aims to provide AI solutions quickly, within minutes rather than months, making it suitable for enterprise-level operations. The platform integrates with over 100 apps, allowing seamless connection between different software systems. Additionally, Booth AI specializes in creating high-quality product photographs using generative AI, which can be used for e-commerce purposes. By providing instant, realistic images, Booth AI helps businesses save costs associated with traditional photoshoots while maintaining a professional appearance.



⚡Top 5 Booth AI Features:

  1. AI Solutions in minutes, not months: Booth AI provides quick solutions using its advanced AI technology.
  2. Enterprise-ready, scale-ready, disruption-ready: The platform is designed to handle large-scale operations and disrupt traditional methods.
  3. Integration: Booth AI integrates with over 100 apps, allowing seamless connection with existing systems.
  4. Workplace Tools: The platform includes tools for project management and marketing automation.



⚡Top 5 Booth AI Use Cases:

  1. Generative AI Photography: Booth AI enables companies to produce high-quality product images using generative AI technology.
  2. AI Scene Generator for Home Furnishings, Fashion, and Packaged Goods: The platform offers an AI scene generator for various industries.
  3. Smart Backgrounds v2: Booth AI provides unparalleled photorealism with perfectly matched context for CPG and Beauty Brands.
  4. No-Code AI Workflow builder for Enterprise: The platform allows users to build their AI solution without requiring coding skills.

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