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Fast logo creation with color wheel, logo rank & font generator.
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What is Brandmark?

Brandmark is a platform that enables users to create unique, professional logos for their businesses. It offers various free tools to design and customize logos, catering to different branding needs. The website also provides pricing details and support options to assist users with their logo creation process



⚡Top 5 Brandmark Tools Features:

  1. AI Color Wheel: Automatically colorize your graphic and logo designs
  2. Logo Rank: Upload your logo and see how it rates on a number of objective measures
  3. Logo Crunch: Make a multi-resolution logo for use in favicons, Android and iOS apps
  4. Font Generator: Get font pairing ideas for your website, shop or blog
  5. Design Toolbox: Access to a variety of AI-powered design tools for creating logos and branding materials



⚡Top 5 Brandmark Tools Use Cases:

  1. Creating Unique Logos: Utilize the AI-powered logo generator to create a distinctive logo for your business
  2. Color Palette Generation: Generate color palettes for your brand using the AI Color Wheel
  3. Font Selection: Find suitable font pairings for your website or brand using the Font Generator
  4. Multi-Resolution Logos: Create logos optimized for various platforms such as favicons, Android and iOS apps using Logo Crunch
  5. Brand Consistency: Ensure consistency across your branding materials by utilizing the Design Toolbox to create cohesive designs

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