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What is BrieflyAI?

BrieflyAI is an AI-powered platform designed to assist users in managing meetings more effectively. It offers various features including AI-generated summaries, transcriptions, and follow-up emails. Users can integrate Briefly with platforms like Slack and Hubspot to receive summaries and call transcripts directly within their work environment. The platform aims to streamline decision-making processes and update CRMs with key data from interactions. Additionally, Briefly can transcribe and summarize conversations in the language spoken on the call, helping users to focus on meetings without worrying about note-taking or capturing key takeaways.



⚡Top 5 BrieflyAI Features:

  1. AI Meeting Summaries: Receive precise, actionable AI-powered summaries delivered straight to your inbox.
  2. Post-Call Recap Emails: Automatically craft personalized post-meeting emails based on the decisions made in your call and get better engagement and response rates.
  3. Categorization and Access: Effortlessly categorize notes and instantly access and share all meeting details.
  4. Language Support: Transcribe and summarize your conversations in the language spoken on the call.
  5. Integration Capabilities: Connect Slack and Hubspot to receive AI-generated summaries and call transcripts directly where you work.



⚡Top 5 BrieflyAI Use Cases:

  1. Productivity Enhancement: Focus on keeping your team aligned and moving fast by capturing important details and insights without the distraction of note-taking.
  2. Action Item Management: Timely follow ups and accurate action items can lead to greater close rates and productivity.
  3. CRM Integration: Make informed decisions quickly and keep your CRM effortlessly updated with key data from every interaction.
  4. Polished Document Generation: Transform your meeting transcripts into polished documents and post-meeting deliverables.
  5. Customizable Plans: Start with free transcription and set AI credits each month, then upgrade to unlimited plans when ready.

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