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What is Buildt?

Buildt AI is an AI tool designed to assist developers in navigating and understanding large codebases. It uses large language models and embeddings to provide a conversational interface, enabling developers to ask questions about their codebase in plain English. The tool aims to improve the efficiency of codebase exploration by providing contextually relevant information and insights. Developers can install the VS Code extension to utilize the tool and ask questions such as “Show me the user hook,” “Find where we initialize Stripe in React and add some logging,” or “Do we use Mixpanel Analytics?” Buildt AI’s technology stack includes Google Fonts and Squarespace.



⚡Top 5 Buildt AI Features:

  1. Large Language Models (LLMs): Buildt AI uses advanced LLMs to understand and analyze codebases, providing developers with accurate and relevant search results.
  2. Embeddings Search: Buildt AI incorporates embeddings technology to improve search accuracy and contextually understand complex codebases.
  3. Project-Wide Understanding: By mapping the entire codebase, Buildt AI provides a comprehensive view of the project, enabling developers to ask questions and generate code across multiple files.
  4. Natural Language Querying: Developers can ask questions about their codebase in plain English, making it easier to navigate and understand complex systems.
  5. Cross-File Code Generation: With a complete understanding of the project, Buildt AI can accurately generate code across multiple files, streamlining development processes.



⚡Top 5 Buildt AI Use Cases:

  1. Codebase Navigation: Buildt AI helps developers locate specific code snippets within large projects, reducing the time spent searching for individual pieces of code.
  2. Understanding Complex Systems: By providing contextual insights, Buildt AI enables developers to better comprehend complex systems and identify potential issues.
  3. Accelerating Development Processes: By generating code across multiple files, Buildt AI speeds up development tasks and reduces manual effort.
  4. Improving Collaboration: Teams can leverage Buildt AI to facilitate communication and problem-solving, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  5. Enhancing Learning and Training: New developers can benefit from Buildt AI’s ability to explain code and provide context, accelerating their learning process.

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