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Studio-grade videos with AI Scripting, Voiceover & Editing.
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What is Captions AI?

Captions AI is an AI-powered creative studio that simplifies the creative process and helps users elevate their storytelling. It provides various features to enhance video content, including automatic transcription, captioning, clip extraction, and audio enhancement. Users can record or import videos and benefit from AI-driven functionalities such as speech correction, eye contact adjustment, lip dubbing, color grading, and background removal. Additionally, the platform generates relevant metadata for videos and supports multi-language dubbing. Overall, Captions AI aims to streamline the video creation process and improve user engagement.



⚡Top 5 Captions AI Features:

  1. AI Avatar: Create personalized avatars for your videos.
  2. Camera & Teleprompter: Film professional videos with ease.
  3. AI Voiceover & Voice cloning: Customize voices for your characters.
  4. AI Trim: Automatically remove unwanted parts from your recordings.
  5. AI Enhance Speech: Improve audio quality by removing background noise and enhancing speech.



⚡Top 5 Captions AI Use Cases:

  1. AI Director: Direct your videos with AI assistance.
  2. AI Color Grading: Enhance colors in your videos.
  3. AI Color Scheme: Choose color schemes for your videos.
  4. AI Background Removal: Remove backgrounds from your videos.
  5. AI Rotoscoping: Animate objects in your videos.

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