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What is Carbon?

Carbon AI is a platform designed to simplify the process of connecting external data to vector databases, enabling the creation of better, personalized AI applications. It offers a unified API that allows users to upload chunks and embeddings directly to Carbon, with support for various file formats and embedding models. The platform is model-agnostic and scales with the rest of your application, providing features such as SOC 2 compliance, white labeling, and custom builds upon request. Additionally, Carbon provides usage reporting and document management capabilities, making it easier to manage content uploaded by users via a unified API. The platform aims to help developers automate tasks and work faster with AI and GPT securely integrated into their collaborative practice management.



⚡Top 5 Carbon AI Features:

  1. Only Pay for What You Use: Automate your data processing without building expensive pipelines, and only pay for monthly usage.
  2. Components at Your Fingertips: Utilize ready-made components for file upload, web scraping, and third-party authentication.
  3. Leverage Unstructured Data at Scale: Carbon’s LLM model-agnostic data pipeline scales with your application.
  4. SOC 2 Compliance: Fully compliant with SOC 2 Type II standards for security and privacy.
  5. White Label: Rebrand Carbon’s offering to match your branding and user experience.



⚡Top 5 Carbon AI Use Cases:

  1. Enabling AI-Powered Research: Integrate external data into vector databases to build better, personalized AI applications.
  2. Powering My AskAI’s AI Assistants: Expand the capabilities of your AI assistants by integrating more data sources.
  3. SiteGPT: Integrating Files and Data Sources: Streamline task management and file upload processes.
  4. DocsBot AI: Expanding Data Sources: Enhance your document processing and analysis tools.
  5. Launching TypingMind Custom with Carbon: Build custom GenAI apps quickly and efficiently.

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