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Fast 3D keyframe animation of characters with AI tools.
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Cascadeur Features

Cascadeur is a standalone software for 3D keyframe animation of humanoids or other characters. Cascadeur uses AI-assisted tools to make keyframes faster, balancing realistic physical results and control. With Cascadeur, you can make animation from scratch or edit existing animation quickly and have fun.

Top 5 features:
– AI-assisted tools for quick keyframe animation
– Quick Rigging Tool to generate rigs automatically
– Intelligent rig powered by neural networks
– AutoPhysics Tool for realistic natural motion
– Dedicated tool for secondary motion

Top 5 use cases:
– Animating complex tricks and combos
– Optimizing workflow when creating sports games
– Creating 3D character rigs for shooters, action, and fighting games
– Making animation from scratch or editing existing animation
– Adding realistic motion and secondary effects to a character animation.


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