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AI platform with reward modeling & AI safety for joy.
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Chai Features

Chai is a research platform that provides AI friendship through a proprietary dataset of over 4 billion user bot messages. It offers reward modelling, rejection sampling, reinforcement learning and a safe model to make people smile and laugh. The platform provides an API Waitlist and a downloadable app to access its services.

Top 5 Features:
-Proprietary dataset of over 4 billion user bot messages
-Reward modelling, rejection sampling, and reinforcement learning
-Downloadable app to access services
-API Waitlist
-AI Safety

Top 5 Use Cases:
-Helping people with eating disorders, insomnia, anxiety, and sadness
-Improving interactions with AI
-Developing language models
-Comparing models against other teams
-Providing an open community challenge with real user evaluations.


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