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What is ChapterMe?

ChapterMe is a service that uses AI technology to generate timestamped chapters for videos and podcasts, saving time and resources for content creators. The generated chapters are SEO optimized, helping videos rank higher in search results and increasing content discovery by 25%. Users can customize the player to match their brand, which can boost play rates by up to 19%. Additionally, ChapterMe offers chapter and engagement analytics, allowing creators to learn about their audience and the sections of their content that are most popular. The service supports various video and podcast platforms and accepts multiple payment methods.



⚡Top 5 ChapterMe Features:

  1. AI-powered chapters: Automatically generate timestamped chapters for videos and podcasts using AI technology.
  2. On-brand player: Customize the player to match your brand colors and chapter text, increasing play rates by up to 19%.
  3. Engagement analytics: Gain insights into audience behavior and preferences by tracking views and interactions with chapters.
  4. Video A/B testing: Compare different videos to determine which one performs better and drives more sign-ups.
  5. SEO optimization: Improve content discoverability by having SEO-optimized chapters that appear at the top of search results, increasing content discovery by 25%.



⚡Top 5 ChapterMe Use Cases:

  1. Educational content: Enhance learning experiences by making educational videos more accessible and engaging for students.
  2. Marketing campaigns: Boost conversion rates by incorporating interactive elements and personalized recommendations based on user behavior.
  3. Customer support: Improve customer satisfaction by providing clear and concise video tutorials with easy navigation.
  4. Entertainment industry: Increase viewer engagement and retention by offering more interactive and personalized content experiences.
  5. Podcast platforms: Enhance podcast listening experience by adding chapters and call-to-actions that engage listeners and improve discoverability.

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