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Charisma Features

Charisma.ai is a platform that enables users to create interactive stories with believable virtual characters. It features tools for giving characters emotions, voices, memories, and goals, as well as an AI-powered no code story engine. Top 5 features:
– AI-powered no code story engine
– Unique combination of controllable AI and creative storytelling tools
– Ability to give characters voices, emotions, memories, and goals
– Support for web apps, gaming, VR, and other interactive experiences
– Hyper-personalized interactive campaigns.
Top 5 use cases:
– Entertainment: Accelerate production of compelling conversation-driven stories
– Marketing: Increase customer relevance with personalized interactive campaigns
– Training: Create believable and effective training scenarios online and in VR
– Video Game Development: Embed AI-driven dialogue into games
– Virtual Events: Create virtual experiences with interactive, AI-driven characters.


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