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What is CharmedAI?

Charmed AI is an end-to-end AI toolkit designed for simplifying the 3D art process in game development. It offers a range of AI-powered tools to help create detailed meshes, stunning materials, and lively animations. Some key features include the Geometry Generator for creating 3D meshes and initial textures, the Texture Generator for producing high-quality UV-unwrapped textures, and the 3D Animator for auto-rigging T-posed 3D character meshes and retargeting animations. Additionally, there is a Quest Generator for worldbuilding and a Dungeon Generator for creating isometric tilemaps. Charmed aims to streamline the game development process by removing content production bottlenecks and enabling real-time visualization of ideas.



⚡Top 5 Charmed AI Features:

  1. Project Navigator: A centralized hub connecting all Charmed applications, acting as a file explorer for organizing and viewing assets.
  2. Geometry Generator: Creates 3D meshes and initial textures from input prompts or images, ensuring T-pose character meshes for downstream auto-rigging.
  3. Texture Generator: Automatically generates high-quality UV-unwrapped textures for 3D game assets, reducing production time and cost.
  4. 3D Animator: Auto-rigs T-posed 3D character meshes and retargets animations from the motion library.
  5. Quest Generator: A worldbuilding tool that helps authors create characters, quests, and dialog for adventure games.



⚡Top 5 Charmed AI Use Cases:

  1. Rapid Prototyping: Quickly generate 3D models and textures to test game ideas and iterate faster.
  2. Content Expansion: Create new game objects during initial development or expand existing content in an asset store.
  3. Seasonal Events: Batch retheme assets for special occasions like holidays or promotions.
  4. Adventure Game Development: Generate characters, quests, and dialog using the Quest Generator for adventure games.
  5. Isometric Dungeon Crawler Games: Utilize the Dungeon Generator to create isometric tilemaps in the style of popular games like Diablo or Red Alert.

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