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What is Chatcraft?

ChatCraft is a web-based AI assistant designed specifically for software developers. It provides a platform where users can interact with large language models (LLMs), allowing them to read, write, debug, and enhance their code. ChatCraft offers multiple AI providers, including OpenAI and OpenRouter, enabling users to access a range of models from various vendors. The platform is cost-effective, requiring payment only for the calls made to AI models, with no additional fees for the application or subscriptions. ChatCraft is browser-based, eliminating the need for installation or servers, and supports privacy-focused features such as storing chats locally and providing options for export and backup. Its familiar UI, inspired by GitHub, allows for editing and formatting using GitHub flavored Markdown. Additionally, ChatCraft supports collaboration through sharing and duplicating chats, and allows users to write and execute custom functions to extend the capabilities of LLMs.



⚡Top 5 ChatCraft Features:

  1. Customizable Chats: Users can control every aspect of their chat, including system prompts, editing, deletion, and retries with multiple AI providers.
  2. Multiple AI Providers: ChatCraft supports both OpenAI and OpenRouter, providing access to various vendors and models.
  3. Cost-effective: Users only pay for the calls they make to AI models without any additional app or subscription fees.
  4. Browser-based: ChatCraft operates seamlessly within browsers, rendering content like syntax-highlighted code, diagrams, and HTML automatically.
  5. Privacy-focused: All chats are stored locally with searchable databases, ensuring data privacy and security.



⚡Top 5 ChatCraft Use Cases:

  1. Collaborative Learning: Share your chats via public URLs, duplicate them to explore new directions, and collaborate with others on coding projects.
  2. Custom Function Development: Write and execute custom functions that extend the power of LLM models, either within ChatCraft itself or hosted remotely.
  3. Open Source Contribution: Contribute to the development of ChatCraft by reporting bugs, suggesting features, or even building new ones.
  4. AI Experimentation: Explore different AI providers and models to find the best fit for your needs, switching between them easily.
  5. Familiar UI: The GitHub-inspired interface makes it easy for developers to navigate and use, with editable Markdown support.

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