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ChatGPT in Google Sheets

Automated reports with sentiment analysis & predictive analytics.
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ChatGPT in Google Sheets Features

ChatGPT in Google Sheets is a powerful reporting tool that lets you use ChatGPT within the familiar spreadsheet environment. It enables data analysis and visualization, as well as automating insights and data-driven decisions. Two Minute Reports is the reporting tool that allows users to use ChatGPT in Google Sheets.

Top 5 Features:
– Automate human insights with ChatGPT
– Accelerated insights from various data sets in Google Sheets
– Advanced predictive analytics with ChatGPT
– Sentiment analysis with natural language understanding
– Anomaly detection with detailed metrics

Top 5 Use Cases:
– Automate reports and dashboards with Two Minute Reports
– Get recommendations and insights from ChatGPT
– Optimize forecasting and trend analysis
– Create concise comprehensible summaries
– Monitor performance metrics for anomalies


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