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What is ChatGPT Sidebar?

ChatGPT Widescreen Mode is a free Chrome Extension that adds Widescreen, Full-Window, Full Screen, and Regular View toggles to the ChatGPT chatbar for enhanced viewing and reduced scrolling. It is designed to improve the reading experience of programming code, multi-step instructions, long recipes, and original lyrics/poetry/essay/composition/screenplay by preventing single lines from wrapping and obfuscating code, keeping more steps on one page for easier review, allowing users to cook without getting mouse or trackpad greasy from having to scroll, and creating a more immersive experience when expanded. The extension also includes customizable settings like Fuller Windows (expand text to the max) and Taller Chatbox (can be toggled on/off for live resizing) that automatically apply to any tab ChatGPT is open in.



⚡Top 5 ChatGPT Widescreen Mode Features:

Feature 1: Widescreen and Fullscreen modes for enhanced viewing and reduced scrolling
Feature 2: Customizable settings like Fuller Windows and Taller Chatbox for personalized viewing preferences
Feature 3: Improved readability for programming code and multi-step instructions
Feature 4: One-click Fuller Windows mode for maximizing text content
Feature 5: Automatically applied settings for a streamlined ChatGPT experience



⚡Top 5 ChatGPT Widescreen Mode Use Cases:

Use Case 1: Clearer programming code display with proper indentation
Use Case 2: Viewing multi-step instructions or long recipes on a single page for easier reference
Use Case 3: Enjoying original lyrics, poetry, essays, or compositions in a more visually pleasing format
Use Case 4: Streamlining the ChatGPT experience with automatically applied settings
Use Case 5: Enhancing the user interface for a variety of content types and applications


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