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ChatLit Codes

Secure messaging with Chrome extension, sidebar, and history tracking.
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What is ChatLit Codes?

ChatLit Codes is a chat application that offers various features such as a dashboard, options for a Chrome extension, end-to-end encrypted history, and the ability to open a sidebar. It also includes GPT models, specifically GPT 3.5 and GPT 4, which can be used for various purposes. is designed for users who want a secure and efficient chat experience with advanced features and AI capabilities.



⚡Top 5 ChatLit Codes Features:

  1. Chrome extension: A chat-focused extension for Chrome browsers that harnesses the capabilities of powerful language models like GPT 3.5 and GPT 4 to deliver a refined and more intelligent conversational experience.
  2. End-to-end encrypted history: Ensures that the conversations remain confidential and secure from any unauthorized access.
  3. Open sidebar: Allows users to access the extension’s features and settings more easily.
  4. Dashboard: Provides a centralized location for users to manage their settings and preferences.
  5. Send: Allows users to send messages and interact with the AI models.



⚡Top 5 ChatLit Codes Use Cases:

  1. Language practice: The extension can be particularly beneficial for language practice, brainstorming, or simply passing time.
  2. Brainstorming: The sophisticated level of interaction can be helpful for brainstorming and generating ideas.
  3. Privacy-conscious users: The end-to-end encryption feature ensures that the conversations remain confidential and secure from any unauthorized access.
  4. Content creation: The extension is helpful for writers, content creators, and developers who need to generate large amounts of high-quality text for their work.
  5. Learning about GPT models: The extension provides resources to learn more about GPT models and how they work.

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