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Nonprofit project with secure data storage & privacy.
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What is CheckForAI (Inactive)?

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CheckforAI was a free nonprofit project that offered an AI detection tool to analyze text uploads and determine the risk of containing AI-generated content. They leveraged proprietary models and existing AI algorithms to scan through text and assign risk scores based on model probability outputs. However, they emphasized that these scores should not be the sole basis for decisions and that their accuracy may vary depending on the AI model used for text generation. The tool aimed to assist in identifying potentially AI-generated content but did not guarantee perfect accuracy. The service has since been discontinued, and users seeking similar functionality should consider alternative solutions.



⚡Top 5 CheckforAI Features:

  1. Free Nonprofit Project: CheckforAi was initially a free nonprofit project aimed at individuals.
  2. AI Detection Tool: The platform uses proprietary models and existing AI algorithms to analyze text uploads and determine the risk of AI-generated content.
  3. Easy to Use: Users can submit their text for analysis with just a few clicks, making it simple and convenient.
  4. High Accuracy Rate: The tool claims to have a high accuracy rate in detecting AI-generated texts.
  5. In-Depth Analysis: CheckforAi offers an in-depth analysis of submitted content using multiple models to assess various components of the text.



⚡Top 5 CheckforAI Use Cases:

  1. Verifying Written Work: Individuals can use CheckforAi to ensure the authenticity of their written work, such as essays, emails, or any other text.
  2. Safeguarding Quality: Businesses and organizations can utilize CheckforAi to moderate AI-written content in real time, maintaining the quality of their output.
  3. Detecting Plagiarism: While CheckforAi doesn’t offer plagiarism detection tools itself, it can still be helpful in identifying AI-generated content within a larger body of text.
  4. Improving Accuracy: The platform aims to improve its accuracy over time by adding new models and detection techniques.
  5. Accessibility: CheckforAi is accessible from any device with an internet connection, making it available to everyone free of charge.

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