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Child Book

Create personalized stories with unique illustrations, narration.
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Child Book Features

Childbook AI is a website that enables its users to create AI generated children’s books with personalized characters and unique illustrations. Top 5 Features:
– Create personalized stories with AI-generated illustrations
– Text to speech narration feature
– Limitless editing with Canva integration
– Access to Childbook Illustrator to create your own illustrations
– Option to add more text content and illustrations per page

Top 5 Use Cases:
– Parents can create personalized stories and illustrations for their children
– Teachers can create stories to engage their students on the topics they are teaching
– Aspiring authors can use AI-generated stories and illustrations to create unique books
– Canva users can use the Canva integration to edit their stories and illustrations
– Companies can create unique and engaging stories and illustrations for marketing campaigns.


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