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Create photorealistic product images with AI enhancements.
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What is Claid AI?

Claid AI is an AI-powered image enhancement platform that provides various services to improve the quality and appearance of images. The platform focuses on enhancing images for e-commerce purposes, aiming to boost conversions through better lighting, uniform backgrounds, and frame adjustments. Access features such as face restoration, AI color correction, upscaling, and smart frame removal to optimize images for different applications. Additionally, the platform integrates with APIs for custom requests and simplifies the editing process for businesses.



⚡Top 5 Claid AI Features:

  1. Uniform Background and Frames: The tool provides a consistent background and framing for images, enhancing their overall appearance.
  2. Improved Lighting: The platform optimizes lighting conditions to produce high-quality images that capture attention and boost conversions.
  3. Face Restoration: Claid AI utilizes advanced algorithms to restore faces in images, ensuring clear and attractive visuals.
  4. AI Color Correction: The platform automatically adjusts colors to enhance the visual appeal of images and improve perception scores.
  5. Upscaling: Claid AI increases the resolution of images, resulting in larger, sharper photos that can significantly impact purchase intent.



⚡Top 5 Claid AI Use Cases:

  1. Product Marketing: Claid AI enables businesses to create multiple product images that match their brand, simplifying content creation and boosting conversions.
  2. User-Generated Content (UGC): The platform streamlines the process of editing and managing UGC, making it easier for companies to maintain feed consistency and improve customer engagement.
  3. Passport and ID Photos: Claid AI can generate correctly sized passport and ID photos, ensuring compliance with regulations and providing a professional look.
  4. Social Media Advertising: By creating stunning photoshoot-quality marketing images, businesses can stand out on social media platforms and attract potential customers.
  5. E-commerce Optimization: The platform’s ability to remove backgrounds and improve lighting can significantly enhance e-commerce listings, increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

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