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Cleanvoice AI

Edit audio to reduce fillers, remove noise, and provide voice overs.
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What is Cleanvoice AI?

Cleanvoice AI is an artificial intelligence platform designed to enhance the quality of podcasts and audio recordings. It specializes in removing filler sounds, stuttering, mouth sounds, dead air, and other artifacts from audio recordings. The platform supports multiple languages and can work with accents from various countries. Additionally, Cleanvoice offers a range of other tools and services including podcast transcription, podcast mixing, background noise removal, podcast name generation, podcast audit, podcast question generation, and episode title generation.



⚡Top 5 Cleanvoice AI Features:

  1. Filler Sounds Removal: Detects and eliminates filler sounds such as “um,” “ah,” and other vocal tics.
  2. Background Noise Reduction: Filters out ambient noises like café chatter, traffic, and white noise.
  3. Silence Optimization: Shortens extended pauses to maintain listener engagement.
  4. Automated Show Notes Generation: Generates AI-written summaries of podcast episodes.
  5. Chapter Markers: Provides automated chapter markers for easy navigation within episodes.



⚡Top 5 Cleanvoice AI Use Cases:

  1. Podcast Editing: Streamlines the process of removing filler sounds and background noise from podcast recordings.
  2. Content Creation: Enhances the quality of audio content by reducing distracting elements.
  3. Transcription Services: Complements transcription tools by providing cleaned-up audio files for easier processing.
  4. Accessibility Improvement: Helps create clearer audio for individuals with hearing impairments or language barriers.
  5. Multilingual Support: Supports various languages and accents, making it suitable for international audiences.

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