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Automate code enhancements & monitor for errors/security.
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What is Codacy?

Codacy Quality is an AI-powered tool that automatically recommends fixes for code issues found in your Git provider. It supports over 40 programming languages and integrates with GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket. The tool centralizes all information needed to fix issues within your Git provider, allowing you to fix issues with a single click (only available for GitHub). Codacy Quality is designed to increase development efficiency by automating code fix recommendations, seamlessly integrating with popular version control platforms, and providing actionable suggestions for issue resolution. It also ensures that your private code is never used for training the Quality AI model.



⚡Top 5 Codacy Quality – AI Features:

Automagically fix your code with AI: Codacy Quality AI automatically recommends fixes to each issue found, providing developers with a centralized platform to fix issues within their Git provider.
Works on all 40+ languages supported by Codacy Quality: The tool supports a wide range of programming languages, ensuring compatibility for developers working in various environments.
No further configuration needed: Codacy Quality AI eliminates the need for additional setup, allowing developers to focus on fixing issues directly in their Git workflows.
Fix issues with a single click: For GitHub users, Codacy Quality AI enables developers to fix issues with a single click, streamlining the development process.
Available for GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket: The tool is compatible with multiple Git providers, providing flexibility for developers working in different environments.



⚡Top 5 Codacy Quality – AI Use Cases:

Monitor and enforce coding standards on every Pull Request: Codacy Quality AI helps teams maintain code quality by monitoring and enforcing coding standards on every Pull Request.
Find and fix AppSec issues with SAST, SCA, Secrets, IaC, and more: The tool’s security features enable developers to identify and address application security issues using various techniques.
Expand and enforce test coverage to avoid breaking changes: Codacy Quality AI assists in expanding and enforcing test coverage to prevent unintended changes in the codebase.
Data-driven insights to improve engineering team performance: The tool provides valuable insights to help teams optimize their engineering processes and improve overall performance.
Seamless integrations across the SDLC and support for 40+ ecosystems: Codacy Quality AI integrates with various tools and platforms, ensuring a smooth development experience for teams working in different environments.


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