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Share secure code snippets swiftly with an AI-powered VSCode extension.
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What is Code Snippets AI?

Code Snippets AI is an AI-powered code snippets library designed for teams. It offers a variety of features such as generating code with AI, refactoring, debugging, creating documentation, and sharing snippets across different platforms like desktop, IDE, and browser. Users can leverage open-source models or upgrade to access Azure AI models like GPT-4 and GPT-3.5. The platform aims to enhance collaboration and improve efficiency by providing a centralized location for storing and organizing code snippets. Pricing plans vary based on the level of access to AI models and additional features like VSCode extension and team snippets library.



⚡Top 5 Code Snippets AI Features:

  1. Contextually-rich AI chats: Integrated with your secure code snippets library, these chats help build new features, fix bugs, add comments, and understand your codebase.
  2. Codebase powered chats: Select any folder on your machine to power up your chats with your codebase, allowing you to ask questions about your code using embeddings and reference complete files in your codebase easily.
  3. Save snippets from anywhere: Your Desktop, IDE, and browser can save code into your team’s snippets library, enabling you to save code snippets from any website directly into your team’s library.
  4. Generate code: Utilize AI to generate functions or whole snippets, which is particularly useful for boilerplate or repetitive tasks.
  5. Secure & private: Keep your code safe in your snippets library with end-to-end encryption, ensuring that your code remains confidential and protected.



⚡Top 5 Code Snippets AI Use Cases:

  1. Refactoring and debugging: Identify performance bottlenecks in your code, and AI suggests ways to optimize it, reducing frustration and increasing efficiency.
  2. Documentation generation: Generate detailed documentation in just a few clicks, making it easier to understand complex code and share knowledge with your team.
  3. Error finding and fixing: Reduce frustration and increase efficiency by leveraging AI to find and fix errors, improving overall productivity.
  4. Team collaboration: Save your code snippets for easy access and collaboration with your team, fostering better communication and coordination among members.
  5. Integration with various platforms: Code Snippets AI supports integration with multiple platforms, such as desktop applications, browsers, and IDEs, providing flexibility and convenience for users.

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