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What is CodeGeeX?

CodeGeeX is a Hugging Face Space called developed by THUDM. This space offers a comprehensive AI coding assistant named “Ask CodeGeeX,” which uses natural language processing to help developers solve programming problems. The assistant supports multiple programming languages and provides features like context completion, cross-file completion, and real-time assistance. Additionally, CodeGeeX is designed to support both Chinese and English prompts, making it accessible to a wider audience. The goal of this tool is to increase developer efficiency by providing intelligent assistance during the coding process.



⚡Top 5 CodeGeeX Features:

  1. More Powerful Coding Capabilities: CodeGeeX2-6B has been pre-trained on 600B code tokens, resulting in significant improvements in coding capabilities across multiple programming languages compared to the first-generation.
  2. More Useful Features: CodeGeeX2-6B supports both Chinese and English prompts, offers a maximum sequence length of 8192, and boasts improved inference speeds. Additionally, after quantization, it requires only 6GB of GPU memory for inference, enabling lightweight local deployment.
  3. Comprehensive AI Coding Assistant: The backend of the CodeGeeX plugin (for VS Code and Jetbrains) supports over 100 programming languages and includes practical functions like infilling and cross-file completion. When combined with the “Ask CodeGeeX” interactive AI coding assistant, it can help developers solve various programming problems via Chinese or English dialogue.
  4. Open License: CodeGeeX2-6B weights are freely available for academic research, while commercial use requires filling out a registration form.
  5. Software Dependencies: To get started with CodeGeeX, you need to install protobuf, transformers, cpm_kernels, torch, gradio, and mdtex2html.



⚡Top 5 CodeGeeX Use Cases:

  1. Code Summarization: CodeGeeX can generate concise summaries of existing code snippets, making it easier to understand complex algorithms and identify key functionalities.
  2. Code Translation: CodeGeeX can translate code between different programming languages, allowing developers to leverage their skills across multiple languages without having to learn each language from scratch.
  3. Debugging Assistance: CodeGeeX can assist in identifying and resolving bugs within code, reducing the time spent on manual debugging processes.
  4. Comment Generation: CodeGeeX can automatically generate comments for code snippets, improving code readability and maintainability.
  5. Cross-File Completion: CodeGeeX can suggest completions across files, streamlining the process of writing large programs and ensuring consistency throughout the project.

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