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What is Cody AI?

MeetCody AI is an intelligent AI assistant that can be trained on a business’s specific data, processes, and clients, providing instant answers to business questions, support for troubleshooting issues, and assistance with creative work. It can also help with tasks like writing professional emails, translating documents, and creating marketing materials. Cody AI can be integrated with various tools and platforms, providing sources for every answer for added transparency. Over 100,000 businesses trust it, and the tool offers a free trial for users.



⚡Top 5 Cody AI Features:

  1. Instant Answers To Your Business Questions: The AI analyzes all accumulated documents and acts as an expert on all your company processes to provide the answer you need in seconds.
  2. Upload Any Data & Build Your Knowledge Base: Securely upload anything from PowerPoints to PDFs or crawl an entire website to integrate information and customize the chatbot for your company instantly.
  3. Provide Sources For Every Answer: You can check Cody AI’s work for added peace of mind. Whether it’s from one source or multiple sources, this tool provides the sources used to come up with every answer.
  4. Boost Employee Efficiency: With instant answers, ideas, and ready-made work, your team can work smarter, not harder. Use Cody AI to complete tasks faster, like writing professional emails, translating documents, or creating marketing materials.
  5. Provide Support & Troubleshoot Issues: Not making full use of your digital tools? Can’t get the sound to work on Zoom? Cody AI uses support documentation to help your team quickly troubleshoot any issues and discover hidden features.



⚡Top 5 Cody AI Use Cases:

  1. Customer Support Automation: Use AI chatbots to handle routine customer inquiries and support requests, providing instant responses and improving overall customer satisfaction.

  2. Lead Qualification and Engagement: Automate the initial stages of lead qualification by using Cody AI to interact with potential customers, gather essential information, and schedule follow-up meetings or calls.

  3. Internal Knowledge Management: Help employees quickly find answers to their questions by accessing and retrieving information from internal databases, FAQs, and documentation.

  4. Personalized Marketing Campaigns: Utilize Cody AI’s capabilities to engage website visitors with personalized messages and offers based on their behavior and preferences, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

  5. Event Registration and Follow-Up: Simplify event management using AI to handle registrations, send reminders, and follow up with attendees post-event, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.


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