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Automate ticket resolution, provide personalized answers & 24/7 support.
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What is Cohere?

Cohere is a platform designed to assist customer support teams in providing faster and more effective assistance to customers. It offers features such as automatic ticket resolution, instant, personalized answers, and the ability to guide users through resolutions step-by-step. The platform also includes integrations with various service desks and aims to increase self-service resolutions across multiple channels. Additionally, Cohere utilizes AI to understand language rather than just keywords, ensuring accurate answers for customers. The platform has seen significant improvements in efficiency and ROI for various companies, including Ramp, Loom, Rippling, OpenPhone, Flock Safety, and Podium.



⚡Top 5 Cohere Features:

  1. Automation for Fast-Growing Customer Service Teams: Automatically resolve up to 60% of tickets.
  2. Instant, Personalized Answers: Provide instant, personalized answers to customers over any channel using AI that understands language, not just keywords.
  3. Guided Resolutions: Help users navigate resolutions step-by-step and perform actions on their behalf.
  4. Support Resource Integration: Turn support articles and past conversations into personalized answers and accurate resolutions in a single click.
  5. Advanced Analytics: Identify potential issues and content gaps with Cardina’s advanced analytics and resolve them quickly.



⚡Top 5 Cohere Use Cases:

  1. Scaling Support Efficiency: Achieving industry-leading outcomes across various use cases, such as consumer software and complex B2B products.
  2. Improved Self-Service: Doubling self-serve resolutions to 51%, increasing deflection by 50%, and launching personalized support across web and mobile.
  3. Enhanced Agent Productivity: Ramping up ticket resolution by 60% and seeing a 5x ROI.
  4. Personalized Customer Engagement: Delivering faster, 24/7 service with Cohere.
  5. Efficient CX Strategy: Scaling CX efficiency alongside customer loyalty.

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