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What is Cohesive?

Cohesive is a powerful AI editor that enhances content creation, offering over 200 templates for various needs from personal to professional use. The platform facilitates collaboration in real-time, enabling users to create, refine, and publish content seamlessly. It also provides features such as content inspiration, SEO-friendly blog generation, social media post creation, and customer support conversation automation, all designed to maximize marketing ROI, increase sales quotas, and improve customer support efficiency.



⚡ Top 5 Cohesive Features:

  1. Powerful AI Editor: Cohesive’s AI enhanced editor allows users to create high-quality content quickly and efficiently
  2. Content Inspiration: The platform provides fresh ideas and inspiration for new content as you write in the editor
  3. Collaboration: Cohesive facilitates real-time collaboration, enabling teams to work together seamlessly on content creation and editing
  4. 200+ Templates: Access a wide variety of templates, covering everything from SEO and ad copywriting to social media posts and customer support conversations
  5. Customization: Users can effortlessly edit text, images, and language translations to ensure that every word is precisely crafted to perfection



⚡ Top 5 Cohesive Use Cases:

  1. Marketing: Maximize marketing ROI by generating high-converting AI content, improving search engine rankings, and driving digital growth with effective ad copies
  2. Sales: The platform aids in increasing sales quotas with AI-generated content, including conversion-focused emails and compelling subject lines that boost open rates
  3. Customer Support: Streamline customer support with AI-powered conversations, enabling immediate responses to customer queries, quick creation of support documents, and comprehensive FAQs
  4. Personal Writing: The tool transforms personal writing with AI-powered enhancements, helping users create compelling cover letters, stellar LinkedIn bios, and more
  5. Content Creation: With over 200 templates for various needs, Cohesive expedites the content creation process, providing content inspiration as you write in the editor, and fresh ideas for future creations

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